Saturday, November 13, 2010

Brushed On Watercolour Masks–Set 3

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Brushed On Watercolour Masks 3

by D- Lauren Bavin

This set of 8 watercolour style png files are to be used as " clipping masks" for achieving a painterly look to your photo.
Simply " clip" to your photo layer to achieve a look as if you have painted your photo onto your layout.
This set includes 8 different paintstroked images in .png format. Software Requirements: These images are similar to quick clicks in that they require the use of a magic wand tool, or clipping mask option in order to work.
Software programs that can currently use these templates include - Photoshop 6 or higher, Photoshop Elements 2 or higher, Paint Shop Pro 7 or higher, PhotoImpact recent versions, Digital Image Pro recent versions, Picture It version 7 or higher, and some Corel Paint programs recent versions. Not currently supported - Hewlett Packard Creative Scrapbook Assistant, FotoFusion by Lumapix, or Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Designer Program.

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