Tuesday, January 04, 2011

P:52– A weekly photo challenge

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Ive decided its time to get back to some kind of photography challenge.

Whilst you couldnt pay me enough to attempt another project 365, I think I can manage a weekly challenge, but for me it has to be something that a) will challenge me creatively, b) that will have a tangible result and c) doesn’t add too much additional stress to my life!!

So my decision has been to create a themed hard bound album.

I thought long and hard about what theme to work with- Birds were an obvious choice, but perhaps not quite as easy as some others, such as flowers, or leaves, or even clouds.

Living as I do in Auckland – a city with inumerable beaches I decided that my theme would be the seaside.

Each week I will scrap one ( or more) photos related to Aucklands many beaches.  I may take photos on many days of the week and I will choose the best to put in my Photo Essay style layout .

I started taking photos today and have 2 that I like but Im not decided yet which ( if any) to use – perhaps I will take some more tomorrow and make my decision then


This photo of seashells was taken at Little Shoal Bay at low tide. I Love the textures and subtle colours of the many different varieties of shells . I added a bit of detail to the original photo with Topaz Adjust




This photo which is treated with some split toning and vingnetting reminds me very much of an old fashioned postcard photo . This is Takapuna Beach – at its most archetypal – a playgound for all water sports. Never too crowded – safe swimming, and  great for a long walk to clear the cobwebs.

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