Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Layout–Eastern Water Dragon

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I made this layout using my new Desert Sands VC .

Here is a brief rundown on how I created this layout.

I started with the Reptile Texture background and then placed the Dried Hide background over it.

Applied a mask to the upper paper and dragged out a gradient from left to right and then applied a heavy gaussian blur to the gradient so that just a little of the Hide paper is left visible on the left hand side of the layout.

The Title strip is cut from the Dried Hide paper.Apply a drop shadow and put the shadow on its own layer.

Use the warp tool to pull down the shadow in the centre to give the illusion that the paper is raised off the page.

I typed the title on a new layer – selected and then inverted the selection and created a mask on the strip to achieve a cut out look.

Copy the mask onto the shadow layer and then nudge slightly down to give that raised illusion.

Everything else is pretty much straight out of the kit

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