Sunday, February 06, 2011

Why I’m loving Topaz Adjust

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I recently purchased the photographic filter Topaz Adjust.

Its a filter which enhances photographs and can give an almost HDR ( High Dynamic Range) look to a single photograph.

True HDR photography involves blending multiple exposures of the same scene in order to capture the full range of highlights and shadows in one image. This can have some fantastic ( in both senses of the word) results.

I’m more of a hobby photographer though and tend not to want to bother with the efforts involved in setting up this kind of image and so the effects to be gained from software such as topaz adjust was tempting and so downloaded the free trial and eventually decided to purchase the software.

This isn’t a full review of the software which I might do later but more just to show you an example of why Im loving it more and more.

I’ve been taking a series of beach photographs for a themed Project 52 and yesterday my subject was a rocky beach ( which is actually a petrified forest) .
I thought the colours and detail in the photo might work well with the effects Topaz Adjust can give and I was right!!

Here is the shot Straight out of the camera.


It was an ok shot – i wanted to show the rocks which are actually  a petrified forest created from an ancient lava flow.

The shot though didn’t capture the scene i remembered in my head. It didn’t capture the sparkle of the water or the detail in the oyster encrusted rocks nor did it capture the deep afternoon blue of the sky.

Here is the photo after applying Topaz Adjust



As you can see its really enhanced the clarity of the water and accentuated the movement in the small wave.

This is far more how I remember the scene looking yesterday when I took the photo.

Being able to achieve this look is why I love Topaz Adjust.

You can find out more about Topaz Adjust here at their website


  1. Thats amazing Lauren! I love how it has really brought out the foreground rocks and water as well as the sea and sky. I'm downloading my trial now to play with! :)

  2. I love the effects you are getting with this and have been happy with some of mine although I think I often get a more overdone look. Do you go mostly with the pre-sets or do you have favourite tweets you do with the fine adjustment. I love the impact on the water clarity, any idea which process you used?