Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Art Journey Value Collection

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by  Lauren Bavin

Embark on a very personal journey where art meets emotion. You choose whether to use photos or not with the very arty trendy elements to create a masterpiece to showcase your journey to creativity.
This collection comprises the Art Journey I and II page kits and the Loud and Clear Alphabet all of which can be purchased separately
Kit Includes:

    ~ Blue Brick background
    ~ Blue Moods background
    ~ Gold Edge Background
    ~ Murky Blue Grey Background
    ~ Blue Painted background
    ~ Dirty Cream background
    ~ Feathered Grid Background
    ~ Folded Green Background
    ~ Open Book
    ~ Dominos
    ~ Magnifying Glass
    ~ Rolled On Metallic Paint
    ~ Paper Globe
    ~ White Paint Smear
    ~ Winged Heart
    ~ The World is a Book Word Art
    ~ Bubbly Metallic Paint
    ~ Metallic Stamped Swirl
    ~ Paper Balloon
    ~ Square holed Strip
    ~ Stamped Eye
    ~ Stamp Frames
    ~ Stone Compass
    ~ If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there Word Art
    ~ Loud and Clear Alphabet in upper and lower case letters, numerals and selected punctuation

File Size:
200 ppi - 95.300MB
300 ppi - 205MB

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