Friday, March 04, 2011

My Little contribution to the Christchurch Earthquake appeal and how you can help

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I’ve actually already made a donation to the Red Cross for the Christchurch Earthquake appeal but Ive decided to do something a little more.

You may not know but the colours of the local rugby team for Canterbury is red and black and today was officially red and black day in NZ where many dressed in red and black and donated money for the privilege of doing so.


Since this weeks Gimme More feature Zigaloo is red and black I decided I would donate $1 for every layout done for the Gimme more challenge by March 13

Here is the Zigaloo Collection



And here is a link to the Gimme More Challenge thread.

Basically all you do is purchase the collection – do a layout and post it to the Gimme More Gallery at DSP by March 13 – I will send you a free kit after March 13 as a posting bonus and I will also donate $1 per layout to the Christchurch Earthquake appeal on your behalf .. so tell your friends – its a win win win situation for you – you get a a free kit, a layout done and you will be making a donation to the Earthquake appeal through me.

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