Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pick of the Pack March 22nd–Create a good impression by CathieMarie

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Im really liking some of the Art Journal pages in the DSP gallery lately. Its an art form that’s been around for many years but is relatively new to DSP and the members are enjoying the freedom that the art journal style of scrapbooking allows.

I love this page by CathieMarie which truly combines regular scrapbooking with art journal style in her creation of a page that captures a rather painful memory.

Here are her notes on this layout which can be viewed and commented on here

First impressions are always lasting - so I make an extra effort to make a grand entrance whenever I travel around the world!
Journalling reads
To make a grand entrance
and create a good impression
Hold your head up high
keep your chin up and
look the world right
in the eye. That way you
will be sure to
fall down an
Loud and Clear Alphabet
Created by Lauren Bavin
Art Journey 2 Created by Lauren Bavin

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