Monday, April 04, 2011

DSPs 7th Birthday Sale–Goodie for Day 4

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Day 4’s goodie from me is another tutorial.

This one features Bridge in Photoshop CS5 and how to export from Bridge direct to Facebook or Flickr

(Please  note this feature is only available to those with the US English version of Photoshop- if you have the International English Version this feature is not enabled as far as I am aware )


Exporting to Facebook and Flickr From Bridge CS5

One of the new features of Bridge in CS5 is the ability to export directly to Facebook or to your Flickr stream easily. ( This is a feature only available for those who have installed the US English version of Photoshop) .
This is available from version 4.0.2 – if you have an earlier version then check for updates by using
the help menu . Help- check for updates.

The uploading to Facebook and Flickr is done through the Export Panel in Bridge.
You can find the export panel tab which normally resides on the bottom left hand side of the bridge window .

If the Panel   is not open then Press Window- Export Panel


To export to Facebook or Flickr is as simple as dragging an image from the content panel on to the relevant option in the export tab.
Choose an image you wish to export and drag it across so your cursor sits on top of the facebook icon or anywhere to the right of it.  Export2When you have a single or group of photos ready to upload to facebook there will be an arrow to indicate
this in the panel .You can choose your images from any folder and upload as many as you wish at a time.
When you are ready to upload click on the diagonal arrow on the right of the facebook icon.
A window will pop up with a sign in button and a tab for image options.
Click on the image options first and make any changes you desire there- if you wish to only upload web sized versions of your photos make the relevant changes in that screen and then go back to the destination tab and click sign in.

Bridge will then open a window in your browser asking you to log in and authorise it to upload photos to your facebook account.

Sign in to facebook there and click the authorise button on the page that appears –


You will then be provided with a screen to create a new album to upload to if you wish.


Once done you can press the export button at the bottom of the pop up window and your image will be
uploaded to facebook.

The image that is uploaded to facebook has no caption apart from the image name so at this point I usually go into facebook itself,click on the image in the wall post it created and add a caption or comments to my image.

You can download a pdf of this tutorial here


  1. I think we established that I can't do this didn't we - because I have the UK version?

  2. Thanks Lauren! Thanks for these wonderful Birthday giveaways!

  3. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 4 post on Apr. 04, 2011. Thanks again.