Monday, June 20, 2011

Four Picks of the Pack today using American Holiday Value Collection

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I just love these four layouts made using my American Holiday Value Collection
Each of the layouts is so different and shows how versatile this collection is

First is this great layout by Teetopper – I love how she has used the red paper cut like a frame with the journalling strip through the middle – excellent creativity in this design
Here are Tanes notes on this layout which you can view and comment on here
I just love this kit of Lauren's. So perfect for all of those patriotic photos!
These photos are of the Patriot Guard here in Kansas. They are nationwide now, but were originally started in a little town here called Mulvane.
Journaling reads:
The Patriot Guard was established on 24 July 2005 in Mulvane, Kansas by American Legion Riders Post 136 members.
The Patriot Guard mission is to stand guard at funerals of America's Fallen Heroes who are killed in action or are casualties of the current wars on terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq, or any war zone. We also offer this support to law enforcement and firefighters who are killed in the line of duty. This is our only mission.
We are invited guests of families, and we shield them from protesters, showing our deepest respect and honoring the Fallen Heroes, their families, and their communities.
American Holiday VC by Lauren Bavin

Next is a wonderful Heritage layout by DSP member LKB

I love the contrast of the black and white with the red cream and blues of the page kit
Here are her notes on this layout which you can view and comment on here
I really love this picture of my mother's father, and it was fun trying to find out what the symbol was on his sleeve. Thank you for looking.
American Holiday Value Collection by Lauren Bavin
The only thing I knew about this photo was it’s my grandfather, my mother’s dad; it was taken before he married, and he’s in a uniform.
So I started my investigation on the internet trying to find the symbol on his sleeve. Turns out his uniform is a United States Army uniform and the symbol designates his division as “Selective Draft Men from Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado, and New Mexico.”
Next is this super cute layout by scrapper extraordinaire Mars Olson

I just love how Mars has taken the striped accordian flower and multiplied and tucked it under the red ribbon to look like ruffled fabric. – Simply delightful
Here are Mars’ notes on this layout which you can view and comment on here
Gimme More with Lauren - American Holiday
This crisp traditional colour combination is always fresh and appealing. The classic stars and stripe patterns are great for casual and special moments. The denim texture is amazing, making it perfect for kids and everyday
American Holiday Value Collection by Lauren Bavin
Black Glitter Alpha by Lauren Bavin
and finally I just love how the photo is bordered by the hanging ribbon in this layout by DSP Member Sportsfan

Id love to see this statue in real life – I love the colours and the story around it .
Here are Sportsfan’s notes on this layout which you can view and comment on here
I took this photo of the giant nurse and sailor sculpture on our recent visit to San Diego.
Lauren Bavin’s American Holiday which can be found here:
Journaling Reads:
Unconditional Surrender" is a 25-foot sculpture that brings to life a famous black and white image of a sailor kissing a young nurse in Times Square, New York City, on August 14, 1945. The image captures the spontaneous eruption of joy and euphoria that swept a war-weary nation when the public announcement was finally made that World War II was over. The sculpture was created by J. Seward Johnson and is on loan to the Unified Port of San Diego and is displayed right next to the USS Midway Museum. The photo was taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt and was one of many that he took that day. Alfred did not bother to get the names of any of the people he photographed that day. Only after seeing the proofs did he realize that he had captured a decisive moment. The photo appeared on the cover of Life Magazine. Over the course of time eleven men and three women have claimed that they were the subjects of the photo. Maybe lots of sailors were kissing nurses that day.
I hope these layouts have inspired you to create your own wonderful layouts using this fun and versatile collection

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