Friday, June 24, 2011

Plans and Schemes Overlay Stack

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by  Lauren Bavin

A little bit of geography; a little bit of geometry and a little bit of fantasy, this overlay stack has it all. With five separate layers, you can stack and blend your photos and backgrounds to get unique effects. .
Simply stack the layers over your photo , Layering as you desire and deciding on how grungy you wish the result to be by reducing opacities and changing blend modes of each layer as you go . Duplicate layers for a more pronounced effect and experiment with black and white and colour photos. .
Kit Includes:

    ~1 Aged and Edged layer
    ~1 Watercolours layer
    ~1 Maps layer
    ~1 Schematics layer
    ~1 Cracked Damagedlayer

File Size:200ppi-50.90MB 300ppi 94.60MB

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