Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Rays of Sun Overlay Stack and some samples of it in use

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by Lauren Bavin

This overlay stack features a sunrays and sun flare layer to help you includes 5 layers to help you create a textured unique look to your photos.
Simply stack the layers over your photo , Layering as you desire and deciding on how grungy you wish the result to be by reducing opacities and changing blend modes of each layer as you go . You can resize these layers to any size or orientation to fit any photo.
Kit Includes:

    ~1 Aging Gradient layer
    ~1 Greeny Texture layer
    ~1 Grungy Edge layer
    ~1 Lens Flare layer
    ~1 Rays layer

File Size:200ppi-50.30MB 300ppi 71.30MB


You can buy this now from the DSP Store


Here are 3 examples of this product in use

This photo I took a few weeks ago at an old wharf looking toward Auckland Harbour – I thought it would benefit from some grunging up- and that was easy using the Rays of Sun Overlay Stack

Heres how I put it together (It takes no time but experimenting with the blend modes and layering can be very distracting!!!!)



You dont need a square orientation to use this product either – You can resize, flip and rotate each layer to your satisfaction

Heres an example of it in use on a black and white photo


Finally I used the product for todays Speedscrap layout


Id love to see your examples using the Rays of Sun Overlay Stack.

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