Saturday, July 09, 2011

Pick of the Pack July 8- Gwen by Ms M

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I really love the warmth of this page – I love the page design which follows the rule of thirds yet with added impact of having the photo split across the border of the right hand third -

Elegant journalling and a lovely clustering of elements on the left of the photo – this is a beautifully designed page

Here are Ms M’s notes on this page which can be viewed and commented on here

Gwen still has the tube in her neck and there have been various problems but as long as she keeps her weight okay eating on her own it can come out in a couple of days! Yea!!
Journaling reads:
In April 2011 we went on a short vacation and when we returned we found that Gwen had stopped eating food and had lost quite a bit of weight. She continued not to be interested in food so we took her to the vet. Her liver numbers were way off so we took her to Tufts Veterinary Hospital where she had a tube put in her neck. We fed her blended cat food through the tube until the end of June. At that point she began to eat food on her own. The whole experience was very frightening but she was a trooper and pulled through it with dignity.
Hint of Heather created by Lauren Bavin.
My Heart Belongs created by Lauren Bavin.

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