Friday, July 01, 2011

Simply Stylish Value Collection

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by  Lauren Bavin

With that everything old is new again style that is almost retro but still the height of fashion, the bold and contrasting colours, subtle Geometric patterned paper and unique elegant elements help to create a collection that will enhance your photos with its simple style.
Kit Includes:

    ~ Black Circles background
    ~ Charcoal Squares Diagonal Background
    ~ Green Curve Stripes Background
    ~ Textured Charcoal Background
    ~ Almost White Circles background
    ~ Geometric Greens Background
    ~ Grey Waves Background
    ~ Textured Charcoal Background
    ~ Black Grained Journal Strip
    ~ Cut-out leaf
    ~ Glass Tiles
    ~ Pewter Frame
    ~ Birch Shadow Box
    ~ Silver Dangles
    ~ Tall Lillies
    ~ White Orchid
    ~ 4 square cut out frame with template
    ~ Baby's Breath
    ~ Cut out Retro Border with Template
    ~ Green Cut Out Swirl
    ~ Long Black Clip
    ~ Red Gerbera
    ~ Rounded Edge Frame
    ~ Test Tube vase

File Size:
200 ppi - 11.10MB
300ppi - 19.40 MB

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  1. This is such a cool collection... so modern.