Friday, July 22, 2011

SPECIAL FEATURE!!! –YOUR layouts using Ruby Red Skies

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Its time for another special feature. This time Im featuring the kit Ruby Red Skies

Clearly this is a kit perfect for sunrise and sunset photos and your layouts prove it!! I hope these layouts inspire you to create some gorgeous art with this kit. – To see the full size version of any photo just click on the image .

Watch with  Me by Teetopper     

Fire in the West by Lauren Bavin

Shaft of Fire by kathleennscraps

Watch with Me by Mars

Starry Sunset by Kuka

Ruby Red Clouds by Jennilynn10

July Swap for A-M by mum2riley Gypsy Princess by Chellie

Twice the Beauty by Mars

Ruby Red Skies 1 by PK

Ruby Red Skies 2 by PK

Volcano Sunsets by Honeymoon

A Pilot's Life by  miniv123

Cabo Sunset by Fade2Pink

Sunshine Girl by Kuka

Cherish the ones you love by Sammdc

Delight Ride by memouse

Sunrise by Sandygb

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