Monday, August 08, 2011

Gimme the Best of the Best

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Each week I run a challenge called Gimme More  where DSP members are invited to purchase a featured kit or collection and complete a layout and receive another kit as a bonus.

Each week I’m left in awe by the quality and artistry of the layouts created for this challenge so I’ve decided each week to feature some of the totally stand out layouts from the current weeks challenge.

This week I have several which Im sure will inspire you using my Secret Desire Collection

First is this gorgeous heritage layout by Sandgb – from the clustering to the photo effects this is totally a masterpiece I am sure you will agree.

Here are Sandys notes on this layout which can be viewed and commented on here

I thought this was Atlantic City, but after doing some searching, I found the Sportland Pier was in Wildwood. Since my grandfather's brother andhis wife lived in Wildwood Crest, I figured my grandparents must have been visiting them.
Secret Desire Value Collection by Lauren Bavin

Next is another gorgeous heritage layout by Goshiki who is a master of blending.

A wonderful photo but expertly blended with background papers and elements to make a piece of art.

Here are her notes on this layout which you can view and comment on here

This marvelous photo of my husband's father and 3 of his brothers was taken during WWII. My FIL is on the left. He is the twin of the man on the bottom. There were two more boys in the family; six boys with two sets of twins.
Secret Desire Value Collection by Lauren Bavin


Finally,another of the most inspiring layout artists at DSP is Mars – this week she has outdone herself yet again

I love the blending of the photos- the softness of the layout and the way she has masked the edge on the left using the pearls as a guide.

Here are her notes on this layout which you can view and comment on here

I love the rich earthy colours and elegant elements. Perfect kit for formal and heritage. The papers are great for blending.
This is my son, Daniel going up the river that feeds into our lake. I enjoyed finding harmony in the incongruous mix of luxurious, masculine and nature.
Secret Desire value collecton by Lauren Bavin
Natures Poetry Word Art by Lauren Bavin


Im sure you will find these layouts just as inspiring as I do – Thank you so much ladies for creating such wonderful works of art

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