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Gimme a Copy– The art of the scraplift

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I love scraplifting – I think scraplifting should  be celebrated – theres nothing better than taking someone elses hard work and using their great skills to make your own scrapping easier!!
My latest Gimme a Copy challenge features a really gorgeous layout by very talented DSP Member CindyT

Best Friends by CindyT
Amanda’s Bouquet - Lauren Bavin
Wordee deluxe word art 3 - Marcee Duggar
This design inspired some really fantastic layouts Im sure you will agree!! – there are some wonderful layouts below many of which should inspire scraplifts of the scraplifts!!

Its a Boy by GailS
Love love Cindy's layout and couldn't wait to scraplift it for my soon-to-be grandson's first ultrasound. This was for Lauren's Gimme a Copy Challenge...I used her Promises Value Collection.
St Pauls Cathedral Dunedin by Lauren BavinThis is a scraplift of CindyT's layout  - For my Gimme a copy Challenge -
I used my new Midnight Gold Page Kit
Family by Carla
This is a scraplift of CindyT's layout and is for Laurens "Gimmie a Copy" Challenge and is for my Grand Daughter. This photo is of her mother and Aunts. Left to right - Samantha, Monique, Tink, Tabatha and Tiffany(my DGD's mom)
English Summer SVC by Lauren Bavin

Amanda's BouquetSVC by Lauren Bavin
And the RACE IS ON! by Addielie
A small glimpse into our bedtime routine. Sebastian loves to win and Jeremiah loves to be just like his big brothers, so
Cue the Booming Voice
“And the race is on to see WHO will get ready for bed the fastest! Will is be Sebastian or will it be Jer-e-mi-ah? THE RACE IS ON!!!
”Sebastian has the early lead heading up the stairs but Jeremiah is following closely behind. It’s going to be a tight race!
“Both boys still need to brush their teeth, wash their face and go to the bathroom! Then they both need to get in their pyjamas!
”The race is on and it’s neck and neck as both Sebastian and Jeremiah are brushing their teeth. Sebastian is going to the bathroom while Jeremiah washes his face and then they will switch positions!
“It’s a tight race here in the Otto Upstairs tonight as Sebastian and Jeremaih both wan to be the first ready for bed! They’ve both cleaned their teeth and faces and used the toilet and now it’s time for pyjamas. Jeremiah has earned parental help in this event as he is racing against his bigger brother. Who is going to win? It’s too close to call. Sebastian has his shirt on and Jeremiah has his pants. It all comes down to this! Who will it be? They are on the final leg of this bedtime routine race! And the winner is...
Somewhat Conspicuous by Lauren Bavin

Sisters by Scrapbooknorma
Sooo glad they became friends again (after the teenage years!)
Inspired by Cindy T's Best Friends lo

Dresden Blues VC by Lauren Bavin

Sister WA by Tina Chambers
Christmas Spirit by Webfrau
This is a scraplift of Cindy T's Best Friends layoutfor Lauren's Gimme A Copy Round 3
supplies used:
Retro Christmas by Lauren Bavin
(green paper) from Scraps of the Season Winter Holiday CD by DSP Designers
Shimmer & Shine page kit by Lauren Bavin
(tree, red paper)
Christmas Sparkle by Lauren Bavin
Covent Garden by Lauren Bavin
(black background)
In the red from Club Digital January 2007 by Lauren Bavin (black tag)
SugarPlum Dreams by Lauren Bavin(confetti)
Christmas Style by Christine Gundersen(wordart)
Two of You by Evergreen100
I have used:
Burst of summer VC by Lauren Bavin

This is a scraplift of Cindy T's LO entitled Best Friends:

Journalling reads: We are so lucky to have 2 of you!!
Davy Crew by Memouse

This is for Lauren's Gimme a Copy Challenge
To make mine I used Lauren's Byron Bay Value Collection

At the Beach by Mars

This is scraplift of: Best friends by CindyT for Lauren's Gimme a Copy challenge which is to scraplift a given layout from a previous gimme more challenge. I flipped the original horizontally to suit sand and sea.
Beach Vacation by Lauren Bavin
Endless Summer Titles by Lauren Bavin

Trick or Treat by Domino44
Name: Trick or Treat
Date: 8-9-11
1.BG_orangecheck, BG_limespot,
Bright Days of Summer PK 3188dsp by Lauren Bavin

2. BG_BlackQuilted
13719dsp bought 12-4-10
Very Vivid 13719dsp by Lauren Bavin

3. Element_Spidersweb
Black Dot Paper and Spiders Web
Created by Lauren Bavin
4. 05_E_KookySpookyCat
Purchased 8-9-11
Kooky Ooky SVC 11408dsp by Suzanne C. Walker

Font: SplintHmk, SpaceCowboy
Program: DIP 2006
Challenge: Gimme A Copy, SWTS
Journaling Reads:
Tara & Aronica 2003
Grandma and Grandpa by fade2pink

This layout was created using Lauren Bavin's Secret DesireVC for her Gimme A Copy Round 3. The inspiration (ok, flat out lift) is from Cindy T's Best Friends layout.
A Winter Sunset by scrapping4him

CindyT's gorgeous LO Best Friends is so deserving of a scraplift and I'm glad Lauren chose it for her Gimme a Copy Challenge. I paired up two challenges with my LO, also using Lauren's stunning Beside the Pond kit to scrap this sunset photo taken from our porch.
LO Notes:
1) I duplicated the bayou bg paper and flipped one copy vertically, then used a gradient mask to utilize both dark portions for my backdrop paper
2) I set the basic black filled border on the worn_wood_green bg papers to a soft light blend mode
3) I duplicated the cardboard frame, setting the top copy to a color burn blend mode, then duplicated this set for a second set of frames
4) The fill for the cardboard frames is a blending of two mill_pond papers and another copy of my photo (color burn and soft light blend modes)
5) The little bit of added color to the leaves was done using the sky portion of my photo clipped to the dried_foliage and set to an overlay blend mode, then masks to bring in the color to the edges
kit: Beside the Pond by Lauren Bavin
wordart: Photographers Essentials Mega Kit by DSP Designers
font: Times New Roman

The 2 of Us by JeanRX
This is such a fun kit to work with. Just had to scraplift from evergreen100 found here

Burst of Summer VC - Lauren Bavin

All Sorts Alpha - Lauren Bavin
Included in the VC.

Barber Shop by Miniv123
Here is a photo of my grandfather and 2 other barbers in Plymouth, NH.
I used Secret Desire VC by Lauren Bavin
for her "Gimme a Copy" challenge inspired by Cindy T's "Best Friends"
I will need my mom's input for some journaling and date.
Teagans Birth Day by DixieMama
Trying my hand at Lauren's 'Gimme a Copy'. LOVED the inspiration piece (Cindy T's Best Friends)
This is the camera phone photo that Teagan's momma's momma sent me just minutes after her birth.
Teagan Alexandria
Mom: Kristie
Dad: Dave
born @ 1:14 pm
5lbs, 15oz
18 1/4"
(tag: 7/5/2011)
Groovy Garden & This and That Groupies by Lauren Bavin
DSP True Blue Sue by Suzanne C. Walker from Club Digital December 2008 (no longer in store)
In the Meadow by Leea
This layout is a scraplift of CindyT's Best Friends layout
for Lauren's Gimme A Copy Challenge Round 3.
In Texas this year, it's hot and dry, and the bluebonnets just didn't do well...but last Spring, they were beautiful. We had the most bluebonnets I can remember here (years of planting seeds and wishing) and I took lots of photos. This photo was taken with the camera timer on...actually got back and in place in time
This layout features these kits by Lauren:
Sheltered Meadow
Carolina Blues
Dresden Blues
Spring Fresh Value Collection
some re-coloring and re-sizing done. The swirly element was a lot of fun to play with...moving it around, re-sizing, rotating, and adding the butterly to it. Beautiful kits to work (play) with
Cottage blues by Happybeingamom
Lauren picked out this gorgeous LO by CindyT for us to lift
I want t o thank Mars, GailS, mcbowersox and PQ for helping me pick out a kit for my photo.
I used Cottage Blues Value Collection by Lauren Bavin it was perfect.
Birds of a feather by just-pjz
This is for Lauren's fun Gimme a Copy Challenge 3.
This is inspired by/lifted from the GORGEOUS layout, Best Friends by CindyT.
Cherry Chocolate Value Collection by Lauren Bavin
December Red Rose by Leea
Roses bloom a long time in Texas, right into December and the weather usually isn't really cold until January in the part of Texas where I live, but sometimes the cold weather catches us and the roses by surprise. This is one of my favorite photos of my Don Juan Roses taken in December several years ago.
This layout is for Lauren's Gimme More Copies Round 3 and is a scraplift of CindyT's layout
and features Lauren's Winter Solstice Value Collection:
Some re-sizing and re-coloring done and a metallic edging added behind the frosty frame to highlight it against the paper strips layered under the photo and frame.
Playing with the snow swirl element, I like how it looks placed with the silvervine element...together they kind of look like a soft image of a heart swirl to me.
Family Desire by teetopper
This page is for Lauren's latestGimme a Copy challenge. This challenge features Cindy T's Best Friends layout. The challenge is simple. Lauren chooses a layout, you lift it, link it to her challenge, and for every ten entries she will draw for a free kit!
This layout is my DH's Mother and her family in 1945.
Whispered Promise Page Kit by Lauren Bavin
Wordee Deluxe Word Art Set 2 by Marcee Duggar
Alcazar Castle lah by Leea
This layout is for Lauren's Gimme a Copy challenge round 3 and is a scraplift of CindyT's layout:

Alcazar Castle, Spain
A few years ago, my husband had a business trip to Spain, and took me along A highlight of the trip for me was getting to go to Alcazar Castle. I've read this castle, with it's blue roofs and beautiful towers is the inspiration for one of Disney's castles.
I took lots of photos in Spain, several were of the castle. We drove around and found some roads where the castle could be seen in the distance.
This layout is for Lauren's Gimme A Copy Round 3 and features her kit, Ceylonese Sapphire:

This kit was probably one of the first kits I bought when I joined DSP, it is so pretty The Sapphire border element is beautiful!
Anne & Jen by Sharon Lyn
Gimme A Copy Rnd 3 with Lauren
Scraplift of CindyT - Best Friends
Amandas Bouquet Value Collection
Created by Lauren Bavin
Amandas Bouquet Value Collection Keyword*:*15036
Wordee 3 Deluxe Word Art
Created by Marcee Duggar
Wordee Deluxe Word Art Set 3 Keyword*:*10886

Adorable by LoraSpeiser
Scraplifted from CindyT's Best Friends LO for the Gimme a Copy Challenge by Lauren Bavin.
Kits I used are:
Various papers and flowers from the Prairielands Value Collection by Lauren Bavin
Bead Scatter from the Pretentious Peacock by Lauren Bavin
Banner from the Rainforest Page Kit by Lauren Bavin
Blue Papers, Ribbon, Butterfly and Flowers from the Spring Blooms SVC by Lauren Bavin


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