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Gimme a Copy.. The art of the Scraplift–Christmas style

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Because DSP was running its annual Christmas in July promotion this edition of GImme a Copy had a Christmas theme. The original layout was not a Christmas kit but the challenge was to use the design and create a christmas themed layout

The original layout is by Mars- Its a gorgeous layout design and I thought would lend itself very well to some great Christmas layouts and I wasnt wrong as you can see below from the marvellous layouts that were created.

Click on the layouts to see them full size at DSP!

Christmas Memories by Teetopper

These ornaments had been my DM's for years and years. Now that she is gone, they are most precious to me, and regardless of the colors or theme I choose each Christmas, these will always be present.
This is for Lauren's latest Gimme a Copy Challenge. This is a lift of Mars' beautiful Happiness layout, which is Lauren's pick this week.
Christmas Sparkle by Lauren Bavin

Christmas Memories by Chanmansmom

A Christmas to Remember VC by Lauren Bavin
Glad Tidings by Lauren Bavin
Across the Page Delux Wordart Titles by Lauren Bavin
It's traditon every year that we go to Candy Cane Lane.It's a beautiful neighborhood that decorates EVERY house for the entire season.You park and walk the streets enjoying the VERY festive and beautifuly lit homes,yards,roof tops.A couple streets even string lights over the streets from one home to another.People serve hot chocolate,some have fire pits on their driveways for people to stop and sit to relax and one man has Karaoke machine with a full size screen on his garage door.Everyone stops by to sing.It's amazing!! And so much fun.I can't remember the statistics,but the amount of lights and electricity that they use every year is through the roof.Not to mention the homeowners electric bills for two months..But they enjoy doing this and people come from all over San Diego to enjoy this.We are lucky,the neighborhood is just around the corner from our home so we go a couple times during the holiday season.And usually on Christmas Eve.
Amy & Mom
This is a lift of Mars wonderful lo

Christmas 2005 by Lauren Bavin

This layout is for my Gimme a copy challenge for CIJ - its a scraplift of a layout of Mars which you can find here
I used my A Christmas to remember VC to make this layout

Holiday Memories by Dutchsparky

Lauren's Gimme A Copy Challenge

It's a scraplift of a gorgeous layout by Mars

DSP Whimsical Christmas Page Kit
When my daughters were 5 and 3 years old, they had their first theater experience. We went to see the ballet 'The Snowman' and they were glued to their chairs, jaws dropped, totally hypnotized.
The producer - a friend of mine - arranged for them to meet The Snowman in his dressing room.
The Snowman totally played his part. He didn't speak one word, invited them in with handgestures, put Sabine ons his lap and his arm around Manon. *Snap*
I love this picture. The girls were blown away by the importance of meeting THE Snowman, red cheeks of excitement and I truly believe this was the performance that started their love for theater.

Happiness by SilverHealer

This layout is for Lauren's Gimme a Copy challenge for CIJ! We're working to scraplift Mars' stunning layout, which can be seen and admired here.
Products (all by Lauren)
- Sugarplum Dreams
- Magical Dreams
- Pink Frost
- Across the Page Deluxe Word Art Titles

Winters Charm by MaryElizabeth

This is a scraplift of Mars' beautiful Happiness layout (see it here)
The scenes are of Carlingford, Co Louth last winter.
Destiny by Lauren Bavin
Dawn to Dusk Overlay Stack by Lauren Bavin
Arctic Floral by Lauren Bavin
CoastalPrairie by LaurenBavin
LoveLiesBleeding by LaurenBavin (ScrapsOfStyle) CD Graphic and Grungy
Destiny Blue by Lauren Bavin]
WinterWhispers MegaKit by DSP Designers
Inked Edges Freebie by Lauren (TYVM)

Little Christmas Angel by Leea

I like how this layout turned out, even if I got carried away and missed the theme I was trying for...I was going to try for Lauren's Give Me A Copy CIJ scraplift of Mar's layout, then my layout just took off on it's
This is a photo of my oldest granddaughter from 2002 when she was an angel in the Christmas program at Church. I've wanted to use the photo for years now, but there were other things that stood out and just didn't work being in the photo (behind her head is someone's foot crossed over their knee with the boot very obvious in the original photo, I also had to work on the part of the wing that was covered). When I found Lauren's snow globe in my kit stash, I started working on the photo to give it a soft look (and hide that boot!) and I like how it turned even if I didn't get the challenge right, I've got the photo improved
I recolored some elements. Lauren's Kits used for this layout (unless I missed one):
ribbon bow-Glad Tidings page kit:
Yuletide Titles:
ruby sparkle bg, circle overlay-Ruby Frost page kit: dove-Peace on Earth page kit:
white glimmer bg-Christmas Sparkle page kit:
silver spot bg-Silver Bells page kit:

Lakota Christmas Program 2010

Scraplift Challenge. Lakota's Kindergarten Christmas Program 2010.
Somewhat Conspicuous Created by Lauren Bavin
©2011 Lauren Bavin

The Dress - CIJ2011 MiniAlbum

I found this photo on MySpace, but it is the exact dress I wore to an Office Christmas Party. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of me wearing it. I am going to do a second page with journaling.
Golden Christmas Value Collection by Lauren Bavin
This is a scraplift of Happines by Mars.

Holiday Happiness by Leea

This layout is a scraplift of Mar's layout featured in Lauren's CIJ Gimme A Copy CIJ challenge. These photos are several years old, but still fun to look at My husband with his beard and wearing a Santa hat, looking at a gift from our granddaughter and having fun laughing He saw my layout as I was finishing it and said he might grow his beard out again this fall...thinks it will be even more gray.
Kit used for this layout is Lauren's Christmas Sparkle page kit:

Tis the Season by Just-Pjz

For Lauren's Gimme a Copy Challenge--Christmas Edition.
Scraplift of Mars' super layout, Happiness.
Winter Solstice Page Kit by Lauren Bavin
also used Holiday Greetings WordArt (recolored) (chat freebie) by Carole Harden

Tree Trimming Tradition by Raphne

For Lauren's Gimme a Copy, CIJ edition, a scraplift of Mars' lovely Happiness
I used Lauren's December Frost page kit and Magical Season overlay stack, with a ribbon from Erica's Christmas Cheer and word art from Marcee's Wordee Christmas. Journaling and date is in DSP Tay's Mom

Christmas 2008 by Fade2Pink

I used Lauren Bavin's Cherry Chocolate for this layout with my friend and her son, Michael. I used Mars' great layout, Happiness as the inspiration.
Megan Christmas 2010 by Jennilynn10

Golden Christmas Value Collection Created by Lauren Bavin
Across the Page Simple Titles Created Lauren Bavin
scraplift of Happiness by Mars

Grandma's Little Reindear by Leea

Another scraplift for the Gimme a Copy CIJ 2011 challenge. This layout has my favorite Christmas photo of my oldest Granddaughter...she's a Tween now, but I'm still scrapping it because it makes me happy
The kit is Lauren's Christmas Sparkle page kit:

  Celebrate Christmas Morning by Webfrau

This is for Lauren's Gimme A Copy CIJ edition.
It is a scraplift of this layout by Mars: I rotated the inspiration page to come up with this.
credits: (links to come)
Christmas Sparkle by Lauren Bavin
Top to Bottom Birthday Wordart by Christine Gundersen.


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