Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pick of the Pack August 20–Tree of Significance by evergreen100

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This layout was created by Jill for my Gimme a Copy challenge which is a scraplifting challenge I run regularly .

I really love Jills scraplift- its so soft and elegant with wonderful journalling and such soft and gorgeous colours.

Why not scraplift Jill’s scraplift and join us in the Gimme a Copy challenge – you could win a free kit in the process

Here are Jills notes on this layout which can be viewed and commented on here

I have used
Forgotten Trails by Lauren Bavin
Forgotten Glade by Lauren Bavin
Bracket from Slightly Bright (recoloured)by lauren Bavin
Copper Glitter alpha by Meryl Bartho (gift with store purchase week of 15th Aug 2011)
Journalling Reads:
Growing on the farm were quite a number of trees with large areas of their trunks removed. When the farm was sold and trees needed to be removed for the capital works programme to go ahead, the trees were inspected by aboriginal elders and identified as being of significance to the aboriginal culture, the cuttings believed to have been made hundreds of years ago by aboriginals for the making of canoes. The tree trunks were saved from destruction and now have a place of honour in the aboriginal artifacts section at the local Botanical Gardens where, if we are feeling nostalgic for the family farm, we can go visit them. In this photo, Maddy and Laura reacquaint themselves with one of Pop's trees!
I have scraplifted Renee_s's LO here:
Thanks for the inspiration Renee and for the challenge Lauren

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  1. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Thank you so much Lauren, I get such a buzz when you PotP one of my LOs:, such an honour!