Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Topaz Black and White Effects released ( with an introductory discount)

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You know Im a big lover of Topaz Adjust – but Topaz may well have a rival for my love with their new filter Black and White Effects

Topaz is offering a special introductory price of $29.99 (Regularly $59.99). Just enter coupon code: bwandbeyond when purchasing. Offer ends 09/18/11. You can apply the $30 discount towards the bundle or any bundle upgrade as well. You can also try before you buy with a free, fully-functional, 30-day trial.

Ive had some time experimenting with the effects this plugin can achieve and I can highly recommend it .

Its a very easy to use plugin – perhaps even easier than Adjust, because it comes with well over 100 presets to get you started,

Here are a few very quick images that Ive had fun playing with.

The photo below isnt that inspiring ( taken from below so you couldnt see all the of the cathedral but i liked the spires and I especially love how the spires are really bought out with the effects achieved in Topaz B&W



You can even get a nice slightly desaturated painterly effect



I know over the coming days I will be experimenting a great deal more and hope to have some tutorials written very soon.


  1. This looks wonderful !! Thank-you to check it out !! (Topaz even works with Corel Photo-Paint !!! )

  2. Lauren, dumb question but how do these filters compare to the OnOne plug-ins? Are they completely different animals?

    I own OnOne's Suite and especially use PhotoTools a lot. Would have to upgrade with CS5, though, and it isn't gonna happen! (I'm keeping CS4 on my laptop so I won't lose the plug-ins.)


    Would Topaz products be helpful to someone who is a little more...mmmmmm..."challenged" than you are with PS? ;-) I've been doing a lot of work with old (50-100 years) photos if that makes a difference.

    BTW, I really love those new QC layers you're creating!! Have to be in a meeting at my own house tonight, though, so will miss chat. ;-(

  3. Uh...meant to add that "omio" at the end.

  4. Judy I dont have the on one suite so can't compare but topaz filters are very easy to use and are FUN!!!
    You can download a 30 day trial free anyway and experiment for yourself!! I'm picking you'll be hooked!!!
    I'm a topaz groupie !!

  5. Will definitely download the trial. I know you've liked this publisher for quite a while

    So...if I get Topaz, will my work look just like yours? ;-))))

  6. Even better I'm sure!!

  7. I WISH!!!