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The Art of the Scraplift

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I run a regular scraplift challenge at DSP called Gimme a Copy. I choose a layout and encourage copying. Its a great way to get a layout done and the end result of seeing the wonderful variations on a theme make it even more inspiring.


For the latest challenge I chose this wonderful layout by Jill (evergreen100)

With Jills permission I created a quick click template to make scraplifting this great design easier .

As you will see this design was hugely popular and we had some really awesome scraplifts.

Im sure they will inspire you as much as they inspired me. I know I will be using this design again!

Joy of the Heart by Chanmansmom

Freshly Picked VC by Lauren Bevin
Cut Out Circles QC by Lauren Bevin
Loads Of Laughter Wordart by Tina Chambers
I lifted this from Jill's at the playground lo for Lauren's Gimme A Copy Challenge.
Amy and Daddy at the park being their usual silly selves.
April 2011

Destiny to be together by Carla

This is a photo of My Aunt Audrey and Uncle Leroy taken sometime before 1952 right after they were married.
Destiny Value Collection by Lauren Bavin

Urban Blues Value Collection by Lauren Bavin

English Summer Value Collection by Lauren Bavin

Contemporary Tones by Lauren Bavin

Hot Chips - Sweet Sentiments by Lauren Bavin and Tina Chambers

At the Wedding by sands_healy

This is a lift of Evergreen's AT THE PLAYGROUND. Really is such a gorgeous page, I couldn't resist trying to lift it.
I used Lauren Bavin's JUST SPRING VC and the stitching is from Meryl Bartho's STITCHED WITH LOVE - SLIGHTLY UNTIDY EMBELLISHMENT SET.
A photo of my daughter leaving the house to be my sister's flowergirl.
Thanks for looking.

Hannah Style all your own by Lauren

This is a scraplift of Jills wonderful layout for my Gimme a Copy Challenge
I used myCherry Chocolate VC

Robot by mum2riley

This is a lift of Jill's At the Playground layout for Lauren's Gimme a Copy - Scraplift Challenge, make sure you check it out!
June 2011
I love seeing where your imagination takes you. Who knew that simply by putting a box over your head you would turn into a robot?!
Credits: Innovations and Accolades Value Collection by Lauren Bavin

Balloons by Cheryl B

This is a scraplift of evergreen100's beautiful At the Playground layout. Lauren made a QC, CUT OUT CIRCLES, from this layout, so it was one of the easiest scraplifts ever.
This is my DGD. I thought it would be fun to tie a bunch of balloons to her wrist. She wasn't so sure that my idea was a good one.

Perfect Pose by Jeanrx

Scraplifted from evergreen's lovely page found here
Modern Fresh XSVC - Lauren Bavin

Cutout Circles QC - Lauren Bavin

All Dressed Up WA - Kim Liddiard

Make Your Day Happy by just-pjz

For Lauren's very fun Gimme a Copy-Scraplift Challenge.
This round's scraplift challenge was to scraplift evergreen100's awesometastic layout, At The Playground.
Thanks for the inspiration, Jill!!
Twirly Town Value Collection by Lauren Bavin
Striped Pyjamas Alpha by Lauren Bavin
-I recolored the Crepe Paper Flower

New Friend by Jenni

I LOVE how this turned out! This layout is for the "Gimme More Crops" challenge and the "Gimme a Copy challenge" both for Lauren. I used the Modern Fresh kit and the Cut Out Circles Quick Click both by Lauren Bavin. The font for the journaling is called "Fairy Princess".
The entire layout is based on a scraplift by evergreen 100 called At The Playground. GORGEOUS layout!! :-)

Beautiful Tay by Teetopper

This layout is for Lauren's Gimme A Copy Round 5, which features Jill's (evergreen100) At the Playground layout. Be in the draw for a free page kit by scraplifting Jill's layout and linking to Lauren's challenge.
I used Lauren's new Cut Out Circles Quick Click, which makes this one of the easiest challenges yet!
Cut Out Circles by Lauren Bavin
Destiny Page Kit by Lauren Bavin
Destiny Blue Page Kit by Lauren Bavin
Not Just Word art by Lauren Bavin

Love Your Style by Scrapping4Him

I love my best friend's daughter's modern boldness in her choice of dress. She's classy and chic at the same time. That's what Lauren's new Modern Fresh makes me think of, classy and chic! So I found a photo of her showing off the new hat and scarf we got her for Christmas last year.
LO Notes:
1) To get the paisley corners I first duplicated the paisley_corners paper, flipped one horizontally, used masks to get both corners on one side of the paper. Then set it to a linear burn blend mode overtop of the dotted_swirls paper to get a little bit of the paper texture to come through. Then I applied an inverted adj layer and did a bit of levels adjustment to lighten it just a tad
2) The scallop mat has the mod_paisley paper set to a luminosity blend mode overtop of the teal_textured paper
3) I made some thin strips and clipped the paisley_corners paper to them, adding a drop shadow
kit: Modern Fresh by Lauren Bavin
template: Cut Out Circles QuickClick by Lauren Bavin
fonts: Garamond -- LainieDaySH
My LO (and Lauren's Cut Out Circles QuickClick) was inspired by the stunning LO At the Playground by our very own and amazing scrapper Jill (evergreen100) - I've always admired her scrapping style! Thanks Jill, my HOF neighbor, for always inspiring me!!!

Oreo 2011 by arual

I have not scrapped in several months, so Im super rusty (and already found a teensy mistake as I uploaded this.. shall fix it later), but I hope to have more time to scrap during the day now that DD is moved into her own apartment up at college and DS has started back to high school. I think I'll have plenty of time now that Summer is over for them.
This is our newest member to the family, Oreo. We got him as a baby, and we have taught him how to step up, sign 4 songs, and say 6 phrases. His first phrase we taught him was "Oreos a pretty bird" and his next was "Kevin, come here"... which cracks me up... when everyone leaves the room, he will scream out "Kevin come here!" ... ahahahahaah!!! Poor Kevin.... well, it is his bird, so he should be the one to come a runnin' when called! LOL!
Kit: Zigaloo Value Collection by Lauren Bavin
Quick Click: Circle Cut Outs by Lauren Bavin
The paper inside the cut outs, hanging tag and feathers are from my DSP stash, I need to look deeper into who the designers are for them.

Happy Zoe by KayButler

My darling #1 granddaughter actually smiling naturally for the camera !! ..isn't she gorgeous ?!
This is doing double duty for Lauren's Gimme More and Gimme a Copy where the challenge is to lift Evergreen100's beautiful LO At the Playground It also fits the bill for Mar's QQCC challenge !!
This week's featured kit is Lauren's lovely Modern fresh (slightly recoloured) and Cut Out Circles QC

Friends by evergreen100

I have used:
English summer VC by Lauren Bavin

Floral Blenders by lauren Bavin

Cut Out Circles QC by Lauren Bavin

Worn Words WA by Tina Chambers (Store Freebie)
Slim Sentiments WA by Tina Chambers

Journalling reads: Laura and fizzy are the best of friends

CutOutCirclesLO by mcbowersox

This is for the Quintessential Quick Click Challenge and Lauren's Gimme a Copy Challenge.
I added an extra cut out circle and the two photos in the top corner.
Cut Out Circles Quick Click by Lauren Bavin
Cherry Chocolate VC by Lauren Bavin

Sparkle & Shine by webfrau

This is a scraplift of evergreen100's inspirational layout for Lauren's Gimme a Copy Scraplift challenge.
supplies used:
Cut Out Frames by Lauren Bavin
Christmas Sparkle by Lauren Bavin
Shimmer & Shine page kit by Lauren Bavin
Sparkle & Shine by Lauren Bavin
Tuscan Christmas by Lauren Bavin
Dresden Blues by Lauren Bavin
A little whimsy by Lauren Bavin
Urban Repose by Lauren Bavin

Hannah by Sharon Lyn

Cut Out Circles
Created by Lauren Bavin
Cut Out Circles Template Keyword*:*15224 Fresh
Created by Lauren Bavin
Modern Fresh Keyword*:*15210

R.J. Thinking by Memouse

Created by Lauren BavinScraplift layout by Jill ( evergreen100)

Summer_Grad_Day_2011 by DixieMama

My oldest dd the morning of her graduation. My camera batteries had yet to charge, so I snapped this with my cell phone. Not a good photo by any means, but still a memory I needed to capture for the both of us
This is a scraplift of Evergreen100's At the Playground which is Lauren's featured 'Gimme A Copy' layout. Hurry and get yours in before the deadline tomorrow (Sept. 8th!!!)
Everything on this layout came from Club Digital September 2011 by DSP Designers.

gimmeacopy5 by happybeingamom

This LO is a lift of evergreen100's beautiful LO At The Playground  I just loved it the moment I saw it. Lauren Gimme a copy challenge is lifting this page for round 5.
For this LO I used
Natural Beauty Value Collection and Natural Harmony by Lauren Bavin

Marnie 3 years by ebears

another LO for stepdaughter Manie.
Lauren Bavins Light Blue kit
Page Kit not in store yet.
Lauren Bavins Cout Out Circles Quick Click

Love Birds by sandygb

I think this is my new favorite Quick Click Template. The cut out circles can be used in so many cool ways. I am really pleased with how this page turned out. I used a heritage photo of my mom and dad.
Cut Out Circles Quick Click by Lauren Bavin
Forgotten Glen Page Kit by Lauren Bavin (Papers, Brads, Fern, Index Card, Cotton Branches)
Bird Song Page Kit by Lauren Bavin (Branch, Bird)
Berries and Cream Page Kit by Lauren Bavin (Berry Flower)
Beyond the Meadow Page Kit by Lauren Bavin (Butterfly)

Partners in Crime by Mars

This is a scraplift of: At the Playground by evergreen100 for Laurens 'Gimmie a Copy' Challenge. Lauren made a quick click of the layout which made this a super easy and fun lift!
Takahe by Lauren Bavin
Cut-Out Circles quick click by Lauren Bavin
Lauren's Butterflies Set 2 by Lauren Bavin
Scraps of Words - Brothers and Sisters Word art CD by DSP Designers

Bedtime Dance by MaryElizabeth

This is a scraplift of evergreen100's lovely layout At the Playground, created for Lauren's gimme a copy.
You'll find it here
A Splash of Colour Page Kit by Lauren Bavin
LightlyBlue by Lauren Bavin
SilveryBlues by Lauren Bavin

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