Monday, September 19, 2011

Talk like a Pirate Day sale!!! ( that’s a weird one huh!!)

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Avast, it be pirate's day! Me mateys have searched the ship high and low.
We be havin' a sale with many beach goods
and delightful charms t' delight yer eyes.
Grab th' discounts before th' ship sails.
Click on the underlined words in me tale to spy the different treasures to purchase for less than a glug of rum.
Discounts be good on Monday September 19th until 11:59 PM EST. Grab 'em or walk the plank.
Watch th' cart as ye be shoppin' ... Hit me treasure and score th' bounty of a coupon to save ye a few more gold coins!

Heres what I have on sale today ( theres more than what you might think!!)

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