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Featuring YOU- Featured Kit–Creme Caramel

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This special feature highlights a favourite kit of mine – Creme Caramel – a kit that is essentiall feminine and has a nice heritage style yet is equally suitable to showcase more modern photos too.

This kit produced some really gorgeous layouts as you can see below – I hope they provide some inspiration for your future layouts.

To see the layouts full size just click on any layout.

Free to be Me by Carla

Echo is one cat that simply loves to roll in the soft dirt under the oak trees in the side yard...of course...she could have been posing for my camera!
Creme Caramel by Lauren Bavin
Blenders - Floral by Lauren Bavin
Brushed on Messy Quick Bits by Lauren Bavin
Dirty Paper Frames by Lauren Bavin
Uniquely Me Word Art by Tina Chambers - Challenge Freebie

Classic Model T by Carla

Kent and I went to the Zonta Arts and Crafts Festival here in town this past weekend and there were quite a few of the Classic Cars for "Cruzin' the Coast" being showcased. One of my favorites was this wonderful, old Model T Ford.
Creme Caramel by Lauren Bavin

Alice by webfrau

supplies used:
A long scalloped strip QC by Lauren Bavin
Crème caramel by Lauren Bavin
Golden glitter glue alpha by Lauren Bavin (recoloured)
Scraplift of:
mum2riley layout "i heart you"

Love Celebrated – 50 years by Scrapping4him

This portrait of my grandparents to celebrate their 50th anniversary is exactly how I see them in my memories of them.
LO Notes:
1) On the far left paper strip: I set the golden_swirls paper to a color burn blend mode overtop of the deep_caramel_swirl paper
2) On the middle paper strip: I duplicated the deep_caramel_swirl paper and set the top copy to a multiply blend mode
3) On the far right paper strip, from top to bottom: golden_swirl paper is set to soft light blend mode; deep_caramel_swirl paper is set to a hue blend mode; meadow_green paper is set to a multiply blend mode at 50% fill; meadow_green paper is set to a darker color blend mode; golden_swirl paper is left as is
4) I adjusted the hue of the crystal title wordart and then set the 'celebrated' text to a soft light blend mode, duplicated
kit: Creme Caramel by Lauren Bavin
template: A Long Scalloped Strip QuickClick by Lauren Bavin
frame: Magie Noire by Lauren Bavin
meadow green paper: Beyond the Meadow by Lauren Bavin
crystal title: Crystal Titles by Lauren Bavin
love tile and frame hanger: Telling Tiles by Erica Belton
fonts: Arial MT -- Black Chancery
so sorry - forgot to mention this is a lift of mum2riley's gorgeous LO here:

Creme Caramel by happybeingamom

This LO is for the featuring You challenge, we used Cream Caramel Page Kit by Lauren Bavin
Beautiful You by Mars

Lauren Bavin - Creme Caramel
I love the beautiful cream and gold and the eclectic mix of elements from elegant roses to shabby torn edges.
This is for Lauren's Featuring You challenge.
Creme Caramel by Lauren Bavin
Creme Anglaise by Lauren Bavin
Crosswords - You by Lauren Bavin

Jackson by Nekobus

Creme Caramel Page Kit by Lauren Bavin
Vanilla Essence Page Kit by Lauren Bavin
Hanging Hearts Quick Click by Lauren Bavin

Daniel 1 by Sharon Lyn

Creme Caramel
Created by Lauren Bavin
Creme Caramel Page Kit Keyword*:*15321
A Long Scalloped Strip Quick Click
Created by Lauren Bavin
A Long Scalloped Strip Quick Click Template Keyword*:*15315

Tall by Teetopper

This beautiful kit is perfect for little girls, big girls, heritage, romance, weddings, just about anything you can think of that would benefit from soft creams, lace and gorgeous flowers. I love the textures of the papers, and it is so easy to work with!
This layout is for Lauren's latest Featuring You Challenge which highlights the Creme Caramel Page Kit. All layouts will be featured in Lauren's blog, and she will give away a kit of your choice to one random winner for every 10 layouts posted in the Featuring You - Creme Caramel thread. Doesn't that sound like a wonderful deal!?!
I also used:
Creme Anglaise by Lauren Bavin and
Scraps of Words - Children CD

Mom and Her Sister by Kuka

Love the caramel colors and flower stamp's color adds a very interesting vintage touch.
Creme Caramel by Lauren Bavin.

Write it on your heart by Chanmansmom

Creme Caramel by Lauren Bavin
3 On Layers QC by Lauren Bavin
Natural Hues by Lauren Bavin
Gold ButterflyTuscan Meadows by Lauren Bavin
My new haircut and highlights.I was ready for a change. October 2011
I never scrap myself,but decided that after the rough year I have had with 3 surgeries and alot of tough recovery,I really needed to use Stitch & Rene's quote as a gentle reminder to myself.
Quote: Write it on your heart that everyday is the best day ever.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Doing triple duty for-Quintessential Quick Click Challenge with Mars/ Featuring You with Lauren/ Quote Me with Stitch and Rene

Father by Goshiki
The monuments and art at historic St. Michael's Cemetery ran the gamut. I have used three different photos for this page and you can see the diversity. The ornate ironwork surrounded the largest, most opulent monument in the cemetery. The small stone was obviously hand made and had 'Father' etched into it with a nail; every bit as striking as the more expensive art. There are approximately 3200 marked graves at St. Michaels dating from 1812 to 2008. There are also close to 4000 unmarked sites that have been detected using ground penetrating radar and soil surveying. These burials are estimated to be from as early as the 16th century.

Creme Caramel by Lauren Bavin

Fly - Grad 2002 by Mars

I love this beautiful feminine kit. These are some older scanned photos from my daughter's grad that suit the shabby chic elegance.
This is for Lauren's Featuring You challenge.
Creme Caramel by Lauren Bavin
Creme Anglaise by Lauren Bavin - butterfly
Intersection quick click by Lauren Bavin
Broken Words by Lauren Bavin

Each Day by sandygb

Beautiful kits and wonderful word art. It doesn't get any better than that! Ryan needed to take a family photo to daycare today, so I took a photo of them and printed it for them. This one isn't the sharpest, but it was the best of all 3 of them.
Crème Caramel by Lauren Bavin
Creme Anglaise by Lauren Bavin (vellum circle, cream flower, gold leaf, dragonfly)
With You Word Art by Tina Chambers

Miranda and Ben by Memouse
State Honors Choir Auditions
by Carla

Alana was one of 7 girls from the School Choir chosen to audition for the State Honors Choir this year. It is her first year to sing in the School Choir so she was very excited!
Strips Quick Click Template by Lauren Bavin
Creme Caramel by Lauren Bavin
Creme Anglaise by Lauren Bavin
Hannahs Day by Lauren Bavin
Tranquil Tones by Lauren Bavin

Mom by RobinE

Journaling reads: "She was a beautiful bride, but it wasn’t to last. Not three years after this photo was taken she left my father, claiming she wanted to be free like her friends. I can never look at this photo without mixed feelings."
Creme Caramel created by Lauren Bavin.
Across the Page Word Art created Lauren Bavin.

 Autumn Sunset Reflections by Kuka

A second page for Featuring You Challenge with Caramel Creme. This is my house entrance which faces west and usually gets the sunset colors reflected on the stone walls. This time the Green Ash Tree next to the entrance whose leaves were in glorious reds and yellows added to the blending of autumn colors.
Caramel Creme, Creme Anglaise (also available together in a Value Pack) and Treat It Dirty Overlays by Lauren Bavin.152

Remember by Sanra

Scraplift webfrau - Alice

A Long Scalloped Strip Quick Click by Lauren Bavin
Creme Caramel by Lauren Bavin

Burst of Sunshine by Lauren Bavin

Word Art - Heritage CD

Father-in-Law by Moog25

Gemma with her father-in-law Mike
"Creme Caramel" page kit
"Panoramic Swirls" Quick Click
both by Lauren Bavin
"Family Love" word art by Tina Chambers (I couldn't find it in the store)

Elk in Skates by Kuka
This was a fun and crazy quickie page using Creme Caramel and Cutie Pie Alpha both by Lauren Bavin.
  Just Charlotte by StacieMac

This photo is of my youngest daughter posing during one of our practice photo shoots. I love the little hint of a smile she is giving me.
I used bits and pieces of the following kits, all by the extremely talented Lauren Bavin, to put this page together:
Amanda's Bouquet
Creme Caramel
Sepia Memories


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