Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winters First Touch

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That first soft snowfall of the season often heralds the arrival of the holiday season and brings thoughts of decorating for Christmas. This soft and elegant collection will showcase your early winter and Christmas decorating photos with soft and natural style .
Kit Includes:

    ~ Almost Blue Snowflakes background
    ~ Almost Nothing background
    ~ Blue Spirals background
    ~ Diagonal Snow Background
    ~ Diamond Snowflakes Background
    ~ Snowy Gradient Background
    ~ Blue Bow
    ~ Blue Snowfalkes
    ~ Blue and White Lights
    ~ Bokeh Overlay
    ~ Crystal Star
    ~ Curly Ribbons
    ~ White Glass ornament
    ~ Scallop Mat
    ~ Silver Leaf Red Berries
    ~ Snowfall
    ~ Snowy Bough
    ~ Two Glass ornaments
    ~ White Paper Frame
    ~ Window Pane

File Size:200ppi: 23.60MB 300ppi: 42.30MB

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