Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Make it Better Monday

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Heres my attempt and photo improvement for this week


This shot of Lake Mapourika was pretty poor really - under exposed lacking in punch and my usual problem of a crooked horizon is evident ..
I did my raw conversion in Lightroom 4 beta which is really great.
I straightened and  cropped the image so that the wharf ended toward the middle of the photo - and removed chromatic aberration ( just one click  in LR4 beta ) and applied the lens profile for the lens I had used.
I adjusted the highlights down and made the shadows quite a bit lighter.( this made the bulk of the difference to the image) I also upped the exposure by 1/3 of a stop and increased the vibrance by+51
For the black and white version I used Topaz B&W effects - I started with one of the infared presets and altered several of the settings including adding some diffusion . I also cropped into a longer shallower crop
Im not sure if i like the colour or the black and white version best


In my layout I used both versions – the black and white at a low opacity under a cropped version of the colour

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