Thursday, January 12, 2012

PICK OF THE PACK–Jan 12th–Resilience by PQ

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This is a work of art for sure – Really I cant say anything that the layout doesnt shout out for the world to see. Simply beautiful and wonderful journalling too

Here are the PQ’s notes on this layout which is an incredible stand out

This is as close as I will probably come to art journaling.......I realize that I have too many words and not enough visual....*sigh*....I am a total failure as an art journaler....but at least I tried.
This is a self portrait taken with my cell phone...peeking over my cheater glasses. I have green eyes, but I thought that blue eyes looked better with the kit...Do you like my blinged-up glasses? I love bling.....
I struggle in the face of adversity,
yet even under the weight of a
chronic illness I do better than
most folks. I thank God for this natural
gift that oftentimes makes me seem
like I am swimming effortlessly
through life’s stormy seas. How do
I do it? Beats the heck out of me.
I know I have a natural ability
to see the glass as half full, and I
also know that, in
my own mind, I am not a
sick person. I work hard
at «appearing well»
to the people around me,
and every single day I
make realistic plans to
work within my
limitations. Yes,
I know that I have
limitations, but I
also have confidence
in my strength
and my abilities. My
advice to anyone with
a chronic illness
would be to: Focus on what
you CAN do, not on what you
cannot do. Develop realistic
goals and learn to rejoice
in small accomplishments.
Step back and rest and
reenergize yourself
when you feel the need -
never let your tank
get completely empty.
Enjoy life, surround your-
self with wonderful
friends, and praise
the Lord every day.
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