Thursday, February 23, 2012

Land and Beyond Value Collection

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by D- Lauren Bavin

The deep, cool magic of the forest are reflected in the natural tones of this beautiful page kit. You can almost hear the humming of the dragonfly and see the sparkle of light coming through the branches. Layouts done with this page kit will all have a touch of that wonderful light and magic.
This collection comprises the Land and Beyond and Forest and Beyond Page kits both of which can be purchased separately.
Kit Includes:

    ~ Deep Lake background
    ~ Forest Stream background
    ~ Smooshed Forest background
    ~ Speckled Teal Paper Background
    ~ Textured Forest background
    ~ Grey Stained Card background
    ~ Sea and Sky Background
    ~ Split Pano Frame
    ~ Blue Spiral
    ~ Green Foliage
    ~ Green Dotted Stamp
    ~ Layered Bracket Mat
    ~ Rusty Lighthouse border with separate light
    ~ Paper Swirl Wave
    ~ Red flowered foliage
    ~ Spiral End Pin
    ~ Bronze Brad
    ~ CurlyOlive Ribbon
    ~ Flying Dragonfly
    ~ Folded Paper Strip
    ~ Foliage
    ~ Leafy branch
    ~ Metallic Splodge < br> ~ Stacked Frames

File Size:74.90MB

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