Friday, March 09, 2012

LAYOUT- Behold Magic

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Ive become rather taken with the style of one of our newer members at DSP – Foxeysquirrel

She has a definitive style that is a cross between a collage, artjournal and fantasy. There is just so much to look at in her layouts.

In need of a creative break from designing I decided to have a go at emulating her style and while I have a long way to go Im quite happy with the result



I started with 2 photos – The forest,  and Hannah and her ballet friends waiting at the rehersals of her last recital



Obviously there was a lot of masking and numerous runs of various artistic filters on the two photos, and about 40 layers of other elements, backgrounds and overlays .

One thing can be said – this style is great fun and good for the creative brain. 

Check out Foxeysquirrels gallery and have a go yourself !- You never know what you might end up with 

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