Wednesday, March 21, 2012

LAYOUT: Maruia Falls– Speedscrap

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This one took me the full hour and a few minutes more - lots of time spent processing the photo which needed a bit more help than it should have!!
Journalling reads
On 17 June 1929 a huge earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 struck the northern South Island of New Zealand. It had an epicentre near the small town of Murchison. The effects were felt over much of the South Island and in the southern half of the North Island.
A piece of land 75km long and 30 metres wide was lifted almost half a metre. In the Maruia area a massive mountain of rocks and rubble were swept down the valley, diverting the river , and for more than 2 weeks aftershocks and heavy rain and thunderstorms continued to reshape the landscape, forcing the river to cut a new channel over an old river bank. Once the river eroded the gravels, the bank became the Maruia Falls.
On our drive from westport to nelson through the buller gorge, unfortunately we encountered dreadful rain making our trip not very successful photographicaly speaking, but we did manage to race out in the rain to snap the Maruia Falls
I used my Mountain Landscapes VC

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