Wednesday, March 07, 2012

LAYOUT: Speedcrap March 7th

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Heidi provided a rather challenging inspiration for todays speedscrap


I wasnt sure which way I wanted to go with this but I liked the vertical approach with the large bold text so I went looking for photos that might work in this sort of design.

While scrolling through my photos I found some photos of the Christchurch Cathedral that I took in 2006.

Its been announced this week that they are going to demolish and not rebuild the cathedral which is the cause of much consternation in Christchurch and beyond and I thought this would make a great theme for my layout


To get the final effect for the photo I masked the sky area of the photo and then ran the poster edges filter on it.

Following that I used Topaz Adjusts Blueprints preset ( as it was without any changes)

I then desaturated the resulting image and inverted the layer, and changed the blend mode of the layer to multiply.

Finding a suitable quote within the hour was tricky but this one by Winston Churchill seemed to fit well.

The Journalling is directly from the NZ Herald report of March 2nd and reads:

The quake-crippled Christ Church Cathedral will be demolished, church officials announced today.
The embattled city's most celebrated landmark building will be "deconstructed'' to a "safe'' level of 2-3 metres and will not be rebuilt.


Fonts used are Impact and Courier New

Broken Glass element is from my Broken Hearts page kit

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