Friday, March 16, 2012

SPECIAL FEATURE–Your layouts with Zigalime

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My latest special feature for my “Featuring You” Challenge was to use my Zigalime Kit


I really loved the layouts created in this challenge.- I’m a big fan of lime green and mixed with black with a bit of glitter – well that’s just a recipe for fun layouts as far as I’m concerned.

Impawsible not to Love by Lauren ( Me) WOW by Mars
Gentle Giants by Scrapping4him Daniel Picking by SharonLyn
Play Time by Raphne Bathroom Ninga by hlmbugle
Love this Child by Sanra Ryder by Jeanrx
Smile by moog25 Alex and the Hissing Pirate by GrandmaCrys
Imagination by SandyGB Daddy and Noah by Sharon Lyn
Sculpture in the Park #1 by Webfrau The Bride by ReneT
Double Trouble by Mars Rocky helps daddy take a suntan by ManyFeathers


Im sure you will agree there are some fantastic layouts here and I hope they provide you some inspiration

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