Friday, May 04, 2012

LAYOUT: Sun Conure

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Such pretty birds .. I felt they deserved a layout
I made this with my Circles on a Split quick click and In Cahoots value collection
Journalling reads
SUN CONURE (Aratinga solstitialis)
Distribution: Native to North-Eastern South America
Habitat: Coastal forests
Diet: Seeds, fruits, nuts, berries and flowers
Breeding: February
Nest: In a hollow tree.
Eggs: Four eggs incubated for 30 days.
Chicks: Young birds leave the nest eight weeks after hatching.
The Latin name ‘Aratinga’ means ‘little macaw’ (Ara – macaw, tinga – diminutive). It is much admired for its bright plumage, and large numbers have been caught for the pet trade. Screeching is normal for most parrots, and the sun conure is noted for its loud squawking compared to its relatively small size. Like many parrots, it is a determined chewer! Lifespan can be 25-30 years.

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