Saturday, September 01, 2012

NEW COLLECTION:Rustic Twist Value Collection

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The Rustic Twist collection is packed with wonderful, rich tones combined with a bunch of fantastic elements. It's great colours, delightful patterns and versatile elements is just what you need to get yourself scrapping.Its perfect for boys and men, country style, scrapping and heritage too. This is a great collection to own, and it contains the Rustic Twist, and Rustic Tones Kit Pluses and Striped Paper Alphabet all of which can be purchased separately
Kit Includes:

    ~ Coloured Squares background
    ~ Deep Blue background
    ~ Dirty Denim background
    ~ Large Spots Background
    ~ Denim Damask background
    ~ Dirty Dotty background
    ~ Dirty Red background
    ~ Dirty Stripes Background
    ~ Dirty Wood Background
    ~ Buttons
    ~ Cardboard Strips
    ~ Denim Pennant Banner
    ~ Floating Hearts
    ~ Heart Spray
    ~ Jute Mesh
    ~ Paper Flower
    ~ Paper Frame
    ~ Ribbon and String Twist
    ~ Tabbed Dividers
    ~ Thumbtacks
    ~ Bronze Dots
    ~ Bronze Leaf Flourish
    ~ Chicken Wire
    ~ Dark Red Flower
    ~ Denim Strip
    ~ Paper Arrow
    ~ Paper Tape
    ~ Red Scallop Frame
    ~ Red String
    ~ Teal Flower
    ~ Tiny Gold FLower
    ~ Viewer Reel
    ~ Striped Paper Alphabet

File Size:93.600MB

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