Saturday, September 01, 2012

NEW KIT:Rustic Tones

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by D- Lauren Bavin

The Rustic Tones Page Kit is wonderful, rich tones combined with a bunch of fantastic elements. It's great colours, delightful patterns and versatile elements is just what you need to get yourself scrapping. This is a great kit to have in your collection.
Kit Includes:

    ~ Coloured Squares background
    ~ Deep Blue background
    ~ Dirty Denim background
    ~ Large Spots Background
    ~ Bronze Dots
    ~ Bronze Leaf Flourish
    ~ Chicken Wire
    ~ Dark Red Flower
    ~ Denim Strip
    ~ Paper Arrow
    ~ Paper Tape
    ~ Red Scallop Frame
    ~ Red String
    ~ Teal Flower
    ~ Tiny Gold FLower
    ~ Viewer Reel

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