Friday, November 16, 2012

NEW TEMPLATE: Spot On QuickClickTemplate

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This striking template features a large half page photo and has a negative space style, yet features stitched dots and chevrons resulting in a very modern and stylish layout .
This design was based on a layout by Jeanet Almhoj and has been used with permission. This quick click comes in both separate png files and a single layered psd file for your convenience
What is a QuickClick?
A quick click is an interactive template. Fill the layers with photos and or background papers to create your own unqiue layout where the hard work of layout design is done for you.
Quick Click templates come in both stacked psd files, and also separate png layer files for added versatility, and are able to be used in any application that supports layers, transparency and the ability to make selections.
File Size 300ppi:5.73

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