Friday, December 14, 2012

NEW PRODUCT: Bygone Bliss

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This is the first of several new product posts today – Ive got a bit behind !!

This kit plus in tones of apricot blush heritage greens exudes a style of elegance from a bygone era. Perfect for heritage and feminine portraits or nature and landscape layouts, you will find the elements combine beautifully so that your layout simply falls effortlessly into place .
Kit Includes:

    ~Blissful Melody background
    ~Forgotten Dreams background
    ~Loves Blush background
    ~Spring Green background
    ~Victorian Splendour background
    ~Floral Branch
    ~Gilt Edged Frame
    ~Gold Corner Flourish
    ~Green Notepaper
    ~Lace Rosette
    ~Lacy Braid
    ~Blush Rose
    ~Tall Flower
    ~Tiny Teal Flower

File Size: 300ppi - 47.50MB

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