Friday, December 14, 2012

NEW PRODUCT:Christmas Cornucopia

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by D- Lauren Bavin

The marvelous jeweled turquoise and saucy copper colours mixed with a multitude of textures, berries, beads, feathers and fairy lights make this a kit for the ages. When you get into a scrapping funk and you can't find something to inspire you, this will lift your spirits and jump start your imagination, and not just for Christmas layouts either , this magical kit will work for all seasons.
Kit Includes:

    ~Brown Foliage background
    ~Brown Teal Stripe background
    ~Creamy Sparkle background
    ~Sparkly Teal Background
    ~Branch with lights
    ~Copper Hollly
    ~Copper Peacock Feather
    ~Copper Ribbon
    ~Copper Ribbon Curls
    ~Gold String
    ~Teal Berries
    ~Teal Christmas Ball Ornament
    ~Teal Peacock Feather
    ~Teal Pine Bough
    ~Teal Tag
    ~Twig Wreath

File Size: 300ppi - 34.10MB

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