Sunday, January 06, 2013

A Simple Life–My project for 2013

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Well my life really isnt all that simple, and Im not sure I want it to be simple, but I want to scrap it simply and without fuss – and the way Im doing that is by using my A Simple Life Album

Ill take photos but they arent going to promise to be works of art – this isnt a challenge to improve my photography but a challenge to create a visual diary of my year.

Hence – it wont be a P365 – frankly my life is often too boring to take a photo of it every day – and yet other days there might be a need for more than one photo, so its not going to be a standard P52 either.

You know what they say – the best camera is the one you have with you, and so in that vein  - many of my photos will be phone camera photos. – ( Thankfully my new phone takes marginally better photos than my last one – or it would not have been worth using any of those!!)

So with the help of the album, and a bit of journalling I should be able to keep this up.

In fact my first 2 pages took me around 20 minutes . I rotated the second page base  to fit  my photos better – that is what makes this album so versatile – and hopefully the colour scheme will work with just about everything.'


So here are my first two pages –

Journalling reads
I always have this feeling that the first day of the year might be a pre-cursor for the rest of the year. Of course it rarely is, but last year the new year dawned rainy and cool and the year as a whole was wet grey and miserable and the summer was basically non existent. This year though, January 1 really couldn't have been a better day if it tried. Clear blue skies with a soft sea breeze. Not too hot, not humid and simply gorgeous. I hope that its a good sign of things to come weather wise. Auckland really is the most beautiful place to live when the weather is good.


Journalling reads
We picked strawberries at Riverhead on Jan 2nd and also scored a big box of seconds from which I made jam and strawberry sauce. On the 5th we were aiming to get to Scotts Landing but the traffic was so bad we stopped at the Puhoi Cheese Company and had some of their delicious icecream,and then backtracked to Wendherholm instead. At home I cooked a butterflied leg of lamb on the BBQ for dinner

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