Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NEW COLLECTIONPoppies and Sunshine Value Collection

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Nature can be soft and elegant or in your face bright and bold. Poppies and Sunshine is a celebration of the happy bold colours of spring and summer. Celebrate your happy occasions and photos by showcasing them with this fun kit plus.
Kit Includes:

    ~Crimson Card background
    ~Green Chevron background
    ~Painted Spots background
    ~Painted Stripes background
    ~Sunshine Spots background
    ~Bright Lime background
    ~Bright Squares background
    ~Orange Chevron background
    ~Orange Dotty Curves background
    ~Teal Hexagon background
    ~Painted Dot Border Background
    ~Citrus Ribbons
    ~Little Flowers
    ~Orange Poppy
    ~Paper Frame
    ~Paper Rainbow
    ~Punched Hexagon
    ~Spikey Sun Circle
    ~Stitched Chevrons
    ~White Poppy
    ~White Tape
    ~3 Buttons
    ~4 Little Flowers
    ~Blue Punched Border
    ~Crimson Poppy
    ~Lime Bracket Mat
    ~Orange Flower
    ~Paper Banner
    ~Paper Trellis
    ~Striped Ribbon
    ~White String
    ~Yellow Poppy

File Size: 300ppi - 53.20MB

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