Monday, June 03, 2013

Gimme A Copy–the art of the Scraplift - Challenge 2013 number 9

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For this round of Gimme a Copy I chose this delightful layout by DSP DET member Felynn

I loved the bold negative space design of this layout which worked so well with the bright colours she chose

SHe kindly gave me permission to create a template based on her design which made scraplifting a little easier


What a great selection of layouts were created during this challenge. Im sure some of them will inspire you to scraplift them as well .

Hlmbugle used the same kit to scrap some lovely floral photos

I love the choice of kit Sharon used to scrap photos of her on her bike with this layout which adds a bit of individuality and has some really creative use of elements

Heres my version – I used the wide empty  space for a blended soft photo of the area the photos were taken in

LoriHug also used the large empty space for a low opacity photograph – I love the bright colours used here

I love the orange and green tones of this layout which go perfectly with the tones in the photos in this layout by Moog25

I Love the heritage theme – a juxtoposition of modern style and heritage photos works so well here in this layout by Webfrau

Dawn-in-NZ created a really arty heritage layout using the same design

I  love the bright colours that really make the photos stand out in this layout by Sharon Lyn

This layout by GrandmaCrys uses the negative space design of this page so well

This page by Ms M is so arty – she has created a picture using background papers and elements in the blank space area

Happybeingamom has crated a really arty page with an aged influence to scrap some lovely photos

I love the masculine kit and element choice of Manabita which are perfect for her photos

I like the contrast in the dark plains of the papers  with the yellowy greens of the photos which really allows them to stand out in this layout by jmnodwell.

This wonderrful heritage layout is by smikeel – she really made the design her own here – and what wonderful photos –they are real treasures .

This layout by Tbear is so funky and fun fresh and feminine yet modern at the same time

Another layout that used the negative space nicely – I love the colour choices that go so well with the floral photos in this layout by Memouse

I like the contrast of the black and white photos on the green and brown tones of this layout by sanra

This layout by minnmom79 is so pretty and the kit she chose is perfect for displayying the heritage theme of the photos

Many Feathers created a 2 page layout based on the design – what wonderful photos too


The winner of the free kit draw for this challenge was Many Feathers – you could be a winner by participating in the next round of Gimme a copy

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