Monday, June 17, 2013

NEW KIT:Reach and Dream

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by D- Lauren Bavin

Trendy and toned for todays youth,in teal red and black this 20 piece collection has fun easy to use elements that cluster well and will make creating an eyecatching layout so easy
This kit coordinates with the Live the Dream Collection:
Kit Includes:

    ~Black Honeycomb background
    ~Cream Honeycomb background
    ~Crimson Hexagons background
    ~Light folded Teal background
    ~Teal Circles background
    ~Arrow Frame
    ~Cardboard Tabs
    ~Hexagon Punched Paper
    ~Large Grey edged Teal Mat
    ~Pano Frame
    ~Paper Edge Flowers
    ~Pinned Circle
    ~Reach and Dream Sticker
    ~Red Pinned Ribbons
    ~Shiny Buttons
    ~Stamped Arrow
    ~Stitched Black Tape
    ~Stitched Teal Tape
    ~Teal Flower
    ~White Spray

File Size: 300ppi - 46.200MB

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