Tuesday, June 11, 2013

NEW PRODUCT: Blended History

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Soft light natural tones ready to mix with the variety of blendable artistic elements for a truly unique and elegant layout. Perfect for Family History layouts, yet equally suitable for artistic blended portraits and nature scenes. Finish off your layout with a scatter of more 3 dimensional elements
Kit Includes:

    ~A Little Green background
    ~A LIttle Lined background
    ~Harlequin Rose background
    ~Lightly Roses background
    ~Lightly Swirling background
    ~Dark and Light Blender
    ~Dirty Edges
    ~2 Frame Stamps
    ~Metallic Splatter
    ~Pearl Pinned Ribbon
    ~Pearl Scatter
    ~Skeleton Leaf
    ~Splatter Blend
    ~Tree Chart Stamp
    ~Tree Stamp
    ~Victorian Corner
    ~Watercolour Swirl Blender
    ~White Flower
    ~Man Finds Room Word art
    ~Green stitched Ribbons

File Size: 300ppi - 87.50MB

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