Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A Layout, and a Quick Tutorial on Text Inside a Shape with a Hole

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For Speedscraps today I chose what I thought would be quite an easy inspiration piece

A single photograph with text around the photograph


I started my layout with my photo and then went to draw a shape to put my text into.

I have a tutorial on text inside a shape here.

But what i quickly discovered was if your path or shape has a “hole” in it – then photoshop doesnt take that hole into account and the text just goes right over the area that is the hole ( which would be the photograph in my layout.



So after a bit of experimentation here is what I did and I think this is probably the easiest way to get around the problem of Photoshop ignoring holes in shapes.

I made 2 shapes – the first shape was like an upside down U – – so it was an open shape not a shape with a hole .


I then pasted in as much of my text as would fit in that text path


I then created a new text path for underneath my photograph


I pasted the remainder of my text inside this path to complete my journalling.


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