Thursday, October 10, 2013

NEW COLLECTION: Rest A While Value Collection

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Rest a while, with a cup of tea and jot down a memory of times gone by.This peaceful elegant collection packed full of artistic and intricate elements and soft and peaceful papers is perfect for scrapping those memories of today and yesterday. Kit Includes:

    ~Aged Stripe background
    ~Cream Folded background
    ~Faded Floral background
    ~Teal Toned Wallpaper background
    ~Climbing Floral background
    ~Dusky Pink Wallpaper background
    ~Rolled Edge Pink Vellum background
    ~Softest Green background
    ~Soft Teal Floral background
    ~Cream Flower
    ~Dotted Border
    ~Glittered Swirl
    ~Scalloped Braid
    ~Shaped Frame
    ~Soft Vellum Mat
    ~Spray Stencil Remember
    ~Tea Bag Tag
    ~Teapot Stamp
    ~Gold Ribbon
    ~Deckle Frame
    ~Fine Lace
    ~Foliage and babys breath
    ~Gathered Lace
    ~Glittered Swirl
    ~Jewelled Line
    ~Open Pages Journal Mat
    ~Paper Rose
    ~pearl Photo turn
    ~Rose Bough
    ~Sprayed Stencil memories

File Size: 300ppi -113.0MB

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