Friday, October 25, 2013

NEW KIT: A Little Superficial

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With a showy bright outer but a solid plainer core, this kit is just a little superficial - Start with a plain dull base and allow your photos and elements to steal the show - and most of all have fun with this kit that you can use over and over again . Kit Includes:

    ~Charcoal Dots background
    ~Dotted Crosses background
    ~Grey Dots background
    ~Multi Circles background
    ~2 Coloured Tabs
    ~3 Icon Buttons
    ~Black Striped Paper Strip
    ~Cut Out Flower Circle
    ~Glittered Chevron
    ~Grey Edged Mat
    ~Multi Coloured Pinwheel Circle
    ~Red Cut Circle Strip
    ~Red Edged Mat
    ~Stitched Circles
    ~Twine Tangle

File Size: 300ppi -26.80MB

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