Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Leaving the Nest – Goodbye to DSP

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Saying goodbye is never easy. And this goodbye was harder than most. In fact I wavered back and forward on this decision for a while but I think the time is right for me to say goodbye to DSP.

I’ve had a marvellous 9 years and 8 months there and  I’m leaving on good terms, but as you may  know, Ive taken a new direction in my life with following one of my other loves – food,- in taking on a job as a Cooking Technology  Tutor for KitchenThings – an upmarket appliance store here in New Zealand.

I’m not one to do anything at half measures and I although I thought hard about it I really feel there is no way I could continue my commitments at DSP as well as those required by the new role and do a good job at both.


To that end I handed in my resignation earlier this week and I will be leaving DSP on November 17th.

I hope this gives you plenty of time to grab any of my products you don’t have and always wanted.  These wont be available anywhere else in at least the short term.

They are being offered in the DSP Store at 60% off between now and November 17 at which point they will be gone.


My current challenges will be my last at DSP as a designer.

When I decided to resign someone said to me, “I cant imagine you not designing” and I have to agree. I cant imagine me not designing again either,  and so I’m not saying this will be goodbye to designing forever. I’ll be like that bad penny that turns up again for sure, but in the short term I think after being a digital designer for nearly 12 years, I think I deserve a little holiday .

I’ll be keeping my blog here updated – My interest in scrapbooking has definitely evolved and moved from family scrapbooking to family history scrapbooking and I truly believe scrapbooking family  history is one of the best ways to present your research.

Ill still be doing custom books and classes for Memories in Time and ‘ll certainly be continuing with my own family history research.

You can always find me on facebook too. – so in closing Ill say – “ catch you on the flip side”… because its not goodbye – its more like –” keep my place for me while I pop out for a bit”


  1. Lauren, You have and will always be an inspiration to so many. Thank you for sharing your many talents. I wish you all the best with this new opportunity and will no doubt catch up with you again in the not too distant future. xxx

  2. Rosemary Norwood11:23 pm

    Wow! End of an era at DSP. All the best on your new life turn, I hope it takes you great places.