Thursday, January 19, 2006

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I still dont have any new layouts as Ive been frantically busy doing work for DSP this week. I hope that Ive broken the back of it finally and I might get some time to do some scrapping next week. DSP gained its 40,000th member this week and that got me to thinking how this craft is growing- when I started in around 2000 or 2001 no one really understood what I was doing but now when I say I do digital scrapbooking I get fewer vacant stares and a lot more interest and requests for my business cards, even here in New Zealand. I can only hope ( for my incomes sake) that the trend will continue- and Im sure it will. With the move toward digital photography and less expensive home printers and supplies the first hurdles have already been overcome for us. I find fewer paper scrappers screw their noses up at the word digital saying - "well thats not REAL scrapbooking!" This can only bode well for our growing industry. I hope that the quality products and designers prosper!!

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