Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Computer rentals !!!- Dont talk to me about it.

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It seems that it might take me longer to recover from this upcoming operation than I thought. - I figured that the one thing Id be able to do once i got home from the hospital was work, but the nurses at the surgeons offices said that I wouldnt feel like sitting for long periods at a time for at least the first week that Im home.
I have so much work to do that I wondered about renting a laptop for a few weeks - well WOW - maybe I should be in the Computer rentals business - so far the quotes range from $320- $423 + GST!!!- thats for 3 weeks!!- - It seems that its much better value to buy but I really dont know about using a laptop full time and I could use that money to upgrade my trusty desktop which is overdue for a decent boost in ram, graphics card and additional hard drive- not to mention a nice new flat screen monitor - hmmmmm what to do?????????????????

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