Sunday, January 15, 2006

Im in the wrong business

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Im scheduled for surgery on Feb 3rd - its not a nice op ( not that any operation is nice but this one Im really not looking forward too - Im having a hysterectomy along with a pelvic repair and I got the quote from the surgeon today. ( note that this is JUST the surgeons quote - not the theatre, hospital or anaesthetists fees) - His fees come to just over $3400 but on top of that is the cost of the disposable instruments - ( $1890)- Ive decided I should be in the disposable instrument business!!!!!That surely seems to be a lucrative line of work!!!
All I can say is thank goodness for medical insurance.!!- Of course I could go on the waiting list to have this done privately - Im guessing I would likely to be up for it around 2010!!!


  1. Best of luck with your surgery, Lauren. I had my hysterectomy in June and I've never regretted it. Have you visited the website? It's jam packed full of information and support. And I can relate to the cost- I'm still paying the hospital, the surgeon, and the pathology lab for my share, after insurance.

  2. Good luck Lauren - I will be thinking of you tomorrow