Monday, February 13, 2006

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Im doing ok- I cant believe how tired I am though - I fell asleep twice today just sitting on the couch and Ive done NOTHING - except going out with my mother for a coffee - well I didnt have a coffee because for some reason (Im thinking hormones- I just have NO desire for coffee at all - this is just the antithesis of me - Im a coffee freak - well not in huge quantities but I do like to have a couple of really good coffees a day normally.)My surgeon told me to walk so that was the reason for the coffee - we went to somewhere flat ( very hilly around my house)- walked about 200m down the road and then back up to the cafe - unfortunately they only had very hard wooden seats which meant I didnt want to sit there for that long!!- but I can recommend the fresh raspberry custard tarts at "The Villa" in Mokoia Rd ( one of my fave coffee fix haunts) Posted by Picasa

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