Friday, February 10, 2006

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No pictures yet- I havent managed to get out of the house at this stage- Unfortunately I must have picked up some kind of stomach bug and within a day of being home I was feeling somewhat less than human. A trip back to the surgeon to check things up meant a scan( not fun with so many stitches down there) but the good news that it was nothing major - and likely some kind of bug - but 2 lots of antibiotics and some stronger painkillers were needed to lower my temperature. Today - a week after my surgery is the first day that I've felt half way human. I hope Im on an upward trend now. I still cant sit for long at the computer - I just cant find a chair that is comfortable enough and has the right angle - and hence I cant really do much more than answer a few emails and check my DSU class galleries. I hope by next week things will have improved a lot and i might do a little creating on the side while the kids are at school - afterall i cant do much else - no driving for another 2 weeks and no heavy housework - I will go spare if i cant do something!!!! Posted by Picasa

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  1. I hope you're feeling better and back on deck soon. Just not fair getting sick on top of surgery.